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First In Her Class
Alexa Canady, one of the finest neurosurgeons in the country, is highly esteemed for her outstanding ability as a pediatric surgeon and researcher. What her thousands of small patients love most about her, though, is her ability to make them laugh.

Gene Expression Technology: Bench to Bedside
Researcher Stephen Krawetz is working to find keys that unlock the doors to successful gene therapy, a revolutioary new form of disease treatment. Using sperm cells and spermatogenesis as a model, Dr. Krawetz has made significant progress ensuring proper regulation and expression of inserted genes.

Returning to Research
After nearly 40 years of service to patients and students at the Wayne State University School of Medicine, Eberhard Mammen, MD, is retiring from his clinical and faculty positions to do what he's always loved best - research.

New Frontiers in Fetal Surgery
Operating in the most delicate environment - a mother's womb - the Wayne State fetal surgery team has introduced microscopic instruments and cutting edge techniques to repair birth detects that had been historically untreatable.

Psychiatry Department Is Sum Of Its Parts
Under the direction of Chairman Thomas Uhde, the department of phychiatry and behavorial neurosciences is integrating research, education and clinical care in ways that help scientists and clinicians make better decisions about patient treatments.

Prostate Cancer Initiative Launched
Wayne State University School of Medicine and the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute are waging the war on prostate cancer on many fronts. Through research initiatives, commnuity education and strong funding, physicians are convincing men to replace fear and denial with an honest look at the value of life.

Survival Of The Fittest
Stroke sufferers are looking forward to complete recovery thanks to Kenneth Maiese who is analyzing molecular and cellular reactions of cerebrovascular disease. Basic scientific research into neuronal cell death is savig brain sells and patients - from the harmful effects of stroke.

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