Dr. Stephen A. Krawetz

Dr. Stephen A. Krawetz   
Charlotte B. Failing Professor of Fetal Therapy and Diagnosis  
Associate Director C.S. Mott Center for Human Growth and Development  
Director, Center of Excellence: Paternal Impact of Toxicological Exposure  
Wayne State University School of Medicine  
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology  
Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics  


271 C. S. Mott Center   
275 East Hancock Avenue   
Detroit, MI 48201   
313 577 6770   
313 577 0765   
313 577 8554   
Wykes et al. 1995. Coordinate expression of the PRM1, PRM2, and TNP2 multigene locus in human testis. [click to go to PubMed]
Schmid et al. 2001 Sperm nuclear matrix association of the PRM1-->PRM2-->TNP2 domain is independent of Alu methylation.  [click to go to PubMed]
A sperm's tale| editor's summary 08.11.05
"The secret life of sperm" by Claire Ainsworth | Nature news feature 08.11.05
"Paternal contribution: new insights and future challanges" | Nature Reviews Genetics 6: 633-642 08..05
"The controversy, potential and roles of spermatozoal RNA" | Trends in Molecular Medicine [PubMed] 04..05
"Reproductive biology: delivering spermatozoan RNA to the oocyte" | Nature [PubMed] 05..04

Krawetz to establish center of excellence on environment, fertility | WSUSOM press release 07.20.04

1995: v.14 no.2 2001: vol 7 no. 10
Genetic Research : WSU basic scientist seeks key to successful gene transfer Introduction to Bioinformatics: a theoretical and practical approach.  Stephen A. Krawetz and David D. Womble, eds. Humana Press, 2002. [go to Humana Press...]

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