testes in situ hybridization the protamine domain
The protamine gene cluster is home to at least three genes, protamine 1(PRM1), protamine 2 (PRM2) and transition protein 2 (TNP2). It resides on syntenic regions of human and mouse chrmosome 16. These genes are essential for the correct re-packaging of the haploid genome during late spermatogenesis (i.e. spermiogenesis, the morphological transition from round spermatid to mature spermatozoan). During this phase, the transition proteins disrupt the nucleosomal chromatin structure, temporarily displacing the histones and replacing them with the basic, cysteine-rich protamines. This leads to a higher degree of chromatin compaction,  essential for the small  and  transcriptionally  inert

sperm nucleus. The protamine domain is tightly regulated: it is potentiated in pachytene-staged spermatocytes, transcribed in round spermatids and tranlated in elongating spermatids only. Our focus in the Krawetz lab is understanding what epigenetic mechanisms (e.g. gene potentiation, interactions with the nuclear matrix, histone acetylation, DNA methylation) are at play in the regulation of this group of genes, and how the impact of these factors may change throughout differentiation to mature spermatozoa.                           more on the protamines more on the protamines...

Repackaging chromatin: a model of chromatin
repackaging from the solenoid loop in somatic
cells (left) to the annuloid loop seen in sperm
(right). [modified from: Nat Gen 28: 10-12]

chromatin repackaging


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