Charlotte B. Failing Professor of Fetal Therapy and Diagnosis  
Associate Director C.S. Mott Center for Human Growth and Development,
Wayne State University School of Medicine
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics


research interests


Transcriptionally silent RNA populations exist within mature human spermatozoa, and these messages are delivered to the oocyte at the time of fertlization. We are attempting to determine the role for these RNA in sperm. Our studies are examining potential applications in clinical fertility diagnostics as well as the re-examination of the male gamete's role in reproduction. more


Organochlorine levels in the St. Clair watershed have caused the US EPA to designate both the Detroit and St. Clair rivers as regions of concern. In collaboration with investigators from the University of Michigan and the Van Andel Research Institute, we are looking into the toxicological impact on the fertility of male anglers who consume fish in this area.


The human and mouse protamine gene clusters are of great interest as they are responsible for the repackaging of the male gamete's genome. We have directed our studies toward understanding how these gene loci are specifically selected for expression. more


Understanding the role of chromatin structure and how associations with the nuclear matrix, are involved in the expression of the protamine cluster is fundamental to understanding gene regulation and is a key element that will bring gene therapy from the bench to the bedside. more


We currently use microarrays and a number of "home grown" in silico bioinformatics analysis methods to examine gene expression and chromatin structure. more

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